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Author: Author Anika
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Christian Knight is a billionaire and the President of Knight Group. He is the heartthrob and the hottest eligible bachelor of London. With a body like a Greek god and sharp features, he could make any girl fall for his charm, but his grandfather forced him to marry an Indian girl in exchange for the CEO position in the Knight Group. Will Christian accept his demand when he is already in love with someone else? Mishka Ranawat is a beautiful yet modest girl from India. Her innocent eyes and cute dimples can capture anyone’s heart but she is more than just a beauty. Mishka is a hard-working girl determined to fulfil her dreams in life. But what compelled her to marry a complete stranger? *** “I want you to sign these papers,” Christian demanded in his deep domineering voice, forwarding the file towards Mishka. “What is this?” She narrowed her eyes taking the file. “Read and I’ll explain everything,” Christian answered, his cold eyes stared at her, and as soon as Mishka opened the file, her face lost all colour reading the bold letters. “CONTRACT MARRIAGE” Will she give into Christian's demand or her masterstroke will change the dynamics of the trap which Christian set for her? What will happen when their entirely different world will crash? Will these two grieving hearts find solace in each other's arms? Let’s find out in the story!

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