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img img Romance img Married To A Radriel.
Married To A Radriel.

Married To A Radriel.

img Romance
img 71 Chapters
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Author: Violet Smart
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Her suffering's began at a very young age. She would be beaten up at the slightest mistake, she would be beaten up for the pleasure sake. Tortured and pained Raped and scarred. She turned into a young girl that was being possessed by horrible demands of the dark and night. She was scared of her own cry, her own voice. Her skin caused her irritation. She turned to an anxiety patient. She began paying for the sin she never commited. And all this she'd gone through and passed through in the hands of her step father. She was getting used to her cruel fate. Her ill life. One faithful day he bags a deal and marry's her off to the most prominent man in San Francisco. Suddenly after saying I do. Her life begins to change to what she couldn't understand. She just stood and watched A Radriel change her life

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