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Prince Charming's Pampered Wife,STARMOON

Prince Charming's Pampered Wife

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“I’m pregnant, you should be responsible for me.” The woman acted cutely and pointed at her bulged abdomen. Master Koo cast a glance at her lightly, “You got pregnant after one night. Not bad!” After marriage. “Honey, someone bullied me.” The next day, the one who had bullied her got punished and knelt in front of her to beg for mercy. “Young master, young madam sells your luxury watches at a low price!” Master Koo raised his hand, “As long as she is happy.” “Young master, young madam sells you as a gift on the double eleven sale!” Master Koo changed his face immediately. She became so crazy without his favor? “Take her back!” Spoil her to death! Someone asked Barbie, “Master Koo always bullies you. Are you afraid?” Barbie was cracking melon seeds with a carefree expression, “Not at all. I bore a son to torture him. Look, he is tutoring our son and has been insane. Hahaha...” With Master Koo’s excessive indulgence, the woman’s life was getting more and more comfortable. Until one day, she knew all the truth. It turned out that he had a “scheme”.

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