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Fatal Storm (Tashan of Mr. Beast & Ms. Fake) ,Author NehZ

Fatal Storm (Tashan of Mr. Beast & Ms. Fake)

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Author: Author NehZ
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Isn't it easy to imagine yourself in the modern billionaire world where the secretary is awed by the beauty of the employer's eyes or his luxurious empire? Now, re-imagine yourself in the world of stormy beast Shaurya Singhal, where he's ruling over the Singhal Corporate Towers. Driven by only one aim in life to make money, he makes sure to burn all his rivals with his magnificent glory. Unaware of whose he is letting into his world, when he appoints the arrogant Saniya Gupta as his personal secretary, he's charmed to know about her aspiration to make it big in the business world. But unlike the girls he'd met before, Saniya decodes a lock that starts to unravel the buried secrets. A game begins of who will give in first to the call of that organ which they thought they never had...a lovers heart.

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