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The Billionaire's Wedding Planner,StargirlSola

The Billionaire's Wedding Planner

img Romance
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Author: StargirlSola
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Amelia Theodore is what people describe as an ordinary girl who was not so-good looking. As a child, she was teased about being a plus size to her twenties where her best friend, the beautiful Irene seems to get all the attention, Amelia is made to feel inferior. Her college life was hell, Ares, the school badboy and the notorious bully saw to this. Amelia lost her father to brain cancer when she was sixteen. At eighteen, she was lucky to get a scholarship into one of the best culinary school in New York, Amelia chased her dream of being a wedding planner expert. To Amelia, kitchen work is an honest work and this made her always think she's one step closer to her dream. An entourage of NY's most eligible bachelorettes would be arriving in a month time, many girls are invited to vie for the man of the century: Billionaire Ares. What Amelia didn't know was that she would be planning her enemy's wedding and he will make her question everything.

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