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Lost In Carnal Love,Micah Liggett

Lost In Carnal Love

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Author: Micah Liggett
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"Keith, I need to you have sex with my wife secretly." This request hit me like a bolt from the blue. My billionaire boss just asked me to secretly have sex with his wife, a charming lady from the upper class. I was merely his driver! Why did he ask me to do such a thing? Was he impotent? Did he find his wife sexually unattractive? Or was he out of his mind? Before I could ask him any questions, he explained why he made such an outrageous request. He wanted me to impregnate her! My boss's father suffered from cancer and had only two years to live. As the first son, he was given an ultimatum to produce an heir, otherwise, his inheritance worth billions of dollars would be given to his younger brother. Now that he was desperate, he revealed why he hadn't been able to impregnate his wife during their eight-year-old marriage. He suffered from necrospermia—dead sperm! Nobody, including his wife, knew about his condition. I was his confidante, so he wanted me to do the job. I agreed because I couldn't resist his wife's charm. She was every man's dream. From that day, the course of my life changed for good. I became a billionaire and strings of beautiful women were at my beck and call. And here is my story...

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