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The Shadow In My Dreams

The Shadow In My Dreams

img Romance
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Author: Gennie
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THE SHADOW IN MY DREAMS Remember Me BY Authoress Eve 💜 DO NOT COPY OR REPOST PROLOGUE You can't tell me what to do and what not to, I am old enough to make decisions for my self, I screamed violently at my aunt who was trying to talk to me. You can't keep letting yourself be affected by what happened, you need to do something too.... she was still talking when I cut her off. Do what? Fight? I questioned sounding irritated by her words. You just have.... yet again I didn't let her finish before cutting her off I am not fighting until I find out what exactly happened, I have my ways and no one will dare stop me, not even you. But she hates you, my aunt said and at that my boiling blood was almost spilled Get out!!! I yelled banging the table. What do you..... I said out, I don't want to see you here again except I call for you, now out, I said in a loud voice and she quickly took her back and left with a straight face. Damn, I cursed as I hit the stool beside me with my leg and it was sent flying across the room. Then I walked towards the bar picking up my favorite wine, monkey shoulder and started to drown it without a care not minding how it burnt my throat. You will have to forgive my arrogance, My name is Maverick Benson. I am an eighteen years old ruthless, arrogant and rude dude and I'm filthy rich too. Though I am still a student at Boston high, I am already a billionaire and no one messes with me even if I am the smallest among them. Enough of the talks, you will get to know me as you read. Vrick, i heard from behind, I didn't need anyone to tell me who calls me that. I turned to look at her and saw her running towards me with watery eyes. I clenched my fist in anger as I rushed to her. Who hurt you? Get the last bag in my room, we can't afford to miss our flight, Mom called from downstairs as I quickly picked up the slightly heavy bag dragging it downstairs while staggering with it. I gave the bag to dad who collected it from me while I went to sit at the back seat waiting for them to come in and get us out of here. My name is Vine Anderson, my parents and I are finally leaving San Francisco to Germany after many years of pleading to go back. I was told my childhood began there but unfortunately I remembered nothing about them. Not like I am bothered anyways. They both got in and dad zoomed off to the airport in a hurry as we have a flight to catch up with in less than two hours. Vine, mom called from the front seat she sat turning to look at me. I looked up from my phone giving her my audience immediately. I already registered you in boston high for your two final classes, you will be starting school tomorrow, she said and I nodded. The drive to the airport was quiet for me but obviously not for the love birds sitting in front as they chattered away. Sometimes trying to get me involved but I only nod or say just a word before turning back to my phone. I can't wait to finally be in Germany, I thought smiling happily For some reason I just feel like there is a part of me that's magnected to Germany and im sure going to find out about that. Germany, here I come!!! 😊

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