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Mr Wither's Forsaken Bride

Mr Wither's Forsaken Bride

img Billionaires
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Author: Red Halo
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Evelyn Jones had gotten married to Nathan Wither through an arranged marriage on the basis of bringing luck to him and changing his sure fate. Nathan Wither hates her for preventing him from getting together with his true love, accusing her of Co operating with his father, using his inheritance to threaten him. He disappears immediately after their wedding and they did not even consummate their marriage. After five years he is back for a purpose but still dwells on the past misunderstanding. She is fed up and wants a divorce but he chases her now realising she was what he made his life, whole. "This isn't working out Nathan" She took a deep breath. "Let's divorce!" Her heart raced but she kept herself together, there was no backing out now, she had cornered him. Silence "You can share the properties anyhow you want, I do not mind receiving the smallest portion." She placated him, uncomfortable with his silence. "Sure." Nathan tossed a piece of paper to her. "This is?!!!" Her eyes widened in shock. "I have signed off everything I have to you including my mansion, companies and also my life. Please take care of me Mrs Wither!"

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