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Alpha's Feisty Queen

Alpha's Feisty Queen

img Werewolf
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Author: Ennyayomi
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The gift of life and the unending supply of breath might be a blessing to some of us but it was merely a curse to Elsa Havel. A young lady who has lost count of the days she had been locked away in hell. She was born a princess but all of her happy memories had been erased from her as she was left to dwell in the dark. Her vampire captors had always been extra careful with her until that fortunate day that Elsa will never forget. She ran and ran right into a speeding car that belonged to Tyson Park, The Alpha of Crystal Pack and Elsa’s mate. What happened when Tyson found out that his mate was an abomination… a hybrid? A mix between the werewolf and their worst enemies…the vampire. Will they prevail and overcome the obstacles within them and those in their environment? At what cost? What happens when the fire in Elsa collides with the icy nature of Tyson Park? What does fate have in store for these two predestined lovers with opposite but identical marks on their forehead and chest respectively? Will they succeed in ending the war between the two species?

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