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Flashback Novels

All For Love,Demi Writes

All For Love



Blurb Ivy, a young girl was reportedly murdered a few years back. They buried the wrong body not knowing it was not hers. However, she did not die, but was saved by a very kind person. But unfortunately, she had no memory of her past life, and her killers. As time went on, Ivy knew little about her past life and she only has a goal And that was to find out the people who attempted killing her, and all she needed to know about her past life... But during the process she got arrested by the same boss who impregnates her. Do you think she can be able achieve her goal??

Tragedy of Love,Khansa

Tragedy of Love



Love is a wonderful thing for all human beings on the face of this earth. The thing that would make every human being happy and laugh away, but love actually got gabriela armand into big trouble. The once wonderful life had now turned unsteady, and he had to strive for a normal life. Was gabriela able to regain her normal life?

Turning Love Into Madness,Augusky

Turning Love Into Madness



Love comes in different forms and sizes. Just when you thought that life couldn't get any better, love unexpectedly came in a form of your soulmate. Savini is a victim of love. She had done whatever it takes to be reciprocated to the man she loves. She dresses like a woman from the high society. Not only that, but she tries to talk like a high-class socialite and became the villainess of the story when a brunette woman who came from nowhere suddenly snatch her man under her nose. How could she bear to let the woman be happy in her man's arms? She schemes and schemes and schemes until she had no redemption from her sins. Can she really make the man she falls in love with fall in love with her? How far can you go for love? For Savini, she will do anything, whatever it takes, even if she has to get it through hook or by crook.

The Alpha King's Magical Mate ,Mother04

The Alpha King's Magical Mate



"Please Amara. You have to do this for me." Luna Clarissa begged her old friend. "I don't think I can, Rissa." Amara replied. "You're stronger than you think. Please do this for me. He cannot know." Luna Clarissa said in a worried tone. "I am not sure I can. What about you?" Amara questioned. "Don't worry about me. Please Amara." Luna Clarissa begged again. "Okay. I'll do it." Amara replied, defeated. "Don't let anyone see you. You know where to go. They will get nothing out of me, they mustn't find out who she is. Please love and protect her like you would your own. Tell her tales of me." Luna Clarissa said as she looked down at the little pink bundle in her arms. Luna Clarissa gave her daughter one last kiss and handed her to her friend of 20 years. "I will." Amara promised as she turned and ran away from the mansion like he'll hellhounds were on her tail. -------‐---------------------‐-------------------- It's been 21 years since the brutal murder of Luna Clarissa. Laurel grew up with stories about her mother and her mother's bravery. On her 21st birthday, Laurel decides it's time to come out of hiding and seek revenge on those who took her mother from her. It's time for her to face her sadistic father and take what's rightfully hers. Come along as Laurel makes friends and foes, cheer her on as she fights her way to the top. And who knows, she might just meet her mate along the way. Fasten your seat belts, you're in for a wild ride.

Human mermaid,Aina

Human mermaid



Born into the human world to save women in a certain village from the brutality of men. Eloise loved humans and had always wanted to live with them. What happens when she finally found love with a human and refuses to return home?. Stefan Brown and his brother Aaron are descendants of one of the richest mermaid hunters in the world. They were sent to a school on a mission to find this unique mermaid. What happens when Stefan fell in love with this mermaid?, what will happen when he finds out who this mermaid is?, would he give her up to his cruel father or will he save his love?.





they were coming from a party that night when they heard the crying of a baby? without hesitation, the two young couples plopped down from their car as they detecting the crying voice as they founded a blue glow light shinning around the child. "awwwn, what a cute child?. who could have abondoneded this angle. "baby please let take her and adopt her as our child. okay honey, if that's what you want. just as she was about carrying the child. they suddenly stood frozen as a blue light shown around, revealing a woman on a fairy tail as tears prick out of her eyes. "i'm sorry for what i'm about to do to you?? i hope you'll be able to forgive us after finding out the truth. with then, she put a blue necklace on her neck as she " whispered, "find me in your memories

Captured By Him ,Fuzzybrat

Captured By Him



What do you do when you supposedly find yourself trapped and stuck in a car with a strange hypnotic guy ? Go along with him ! Definitely not however you do get the ride of your lifetime. So tune in to get story of Jane and Nicholas





Hon. Leo McGeorge a very wealthy man, who controls his daughter’s life, trying to shape her to his standards of living On the other hand... His daughter ‘Techla’ who hates that lifestyle so much What will become of ‘Techla ‘ if she tries to follow her very own desired path and also find love.

Wolves Hour,Crownway Amef

Wolves Hour



The fight between the vampires and the werewolves prevails for centuries. The werewolves detest the Vampires so much and believe hunting them down is Wyrd. It's about a Lost wolf-girl who got separated from her pack... and sadly, she lost her memories. Unfortunately she was taken in by a vampire family who wasn’t aware of her identity and there she met the rude prince of the family,cold and hot looking BLACK. She must hide her identity from them since they are the only one that can protect her from other predators out there. Till she regains her memories and finds her pack. The vampires and the werewolves have been enemies for decades and the fight exists for centuries. Werewolves bite can kill vampires and that gives them the upper hand which makes the vampires loathe their existence. But this particular family of vampires found a secret weapon to hunt down werewolves and they are another hunter on their own. Do you think the wolf girl "Akira" can live under the same roof with the vampires without being found out? The eldest boy of the family hated Akira thinking she's human. Will Akira regain her memories and find her pack?

Classic love,deep blue sea

Classic love



Hazel Kings is an amazing boxer who also has the secret of being a mafia queen of an underground group, she lost her mother at the tender age of six but all she feels towards her mother was disgust, she is a university student and a role model to her fellow students she also helps out with their family business and she is very strict, cold and ruthless when it comes to business, she is good at everything she does and boxing is her passion, her uncle, aunt and father means the entire world to her as they were all she's got, she doesn't believe in love.,her parents love life was nothing to write home about and she would do anything to get back to the idiot who helped her mother in escaping before her death she is tired of her uncle and dad looking for a suitor for her when she is just 20years of age so she ends up ruining the dates by wearing something skimpy and pretending to smoke, meet Zaid Martins an aloof CEO of a prestigious company, the famous Martins group, he lost his father at the age of ten, he died saving the life of his female friend, Zaid has always prayed for a love life like that of his parents he is also an underground mafia ruler and is known for his ruthless and swift ways of dealing with things he also doesn't give a damn about what others think about him, he meets his devil angel at his little sister's school in a boxing attire where he couldn't help but fall head over heels in love with her, faith brings them together again when their parents decided to merge their companies in other to become greater and they had to stay under the roof for a month and Hazel also has to learn about business from Zaid, becoming his assistant

Broken by him,Adeshayo

Broken by him

Short stories


A young lady is broken by the man she thinks she would the rest of her life with

Married the Billionaire ,Arshu

Married the Billionaire



"DEVIL WAS ALSO ONCE AN ANGEL." Sarah, never in her wildest dreams thought about getting married to the hottest billionaire of the country. Until she was forced to marry him. The Billionaire Aarav Malhotra, was always called heartless, arrogant and rude. Despite all that, he was one of the most eligible bachelor. Any woman would die to marry him. But he was forced to marry Sarah. Being tied in a knot of marriage, the ugly secrets of his past starts haunting their life. What will happen when Sarah learns about his broken heart? Will she be able to heal the devil or end up hurting herself? What if his scars are dark enough to love him?

My Husband is My First Love ,Scarlet heart

My Husband is My First Love



Callie Gray First meet Daryl Collin when she was Seven years old and spending her summer vacation with her grandparents in Italy.Both of them spend their vacation together and go visited Venice Grand canal and the old church in Italy. During that time Callie standing infront of the church she vow to herself she will marry his best friend someday. Daryl Stephenson Collin was ready to Marry his beloved girlfriend Diana Angeles A Supermodel in Italy. How could he marry her when the one who vow to marry him already comeback to fulfill her promise during those past seventeenth years. Would it be Daryl Gave up his beloved girlfriend and marry the girl he meet seventeen years ago and live with her and love her just the way how she love him?

The Secret Of My Boss,Tassel

The Secret Of My Boss



Aria Anastasia, a free-spirited young woman, works as the MD of the Storm Fashion Industry. She has the post she dreamed of, but she didn't expect to work under an annoying, quirky boss. Surviving two years after working under him, she didn't expect to unleash a secret of her handsome boss, Zaiden Storm. Zaiden Storm is the CEO of the Storm Fashion Industry. No one can ever talk over him, and he always walks with a mysterious aura surrounding him. The only woman who doesn't hesitate to talk back to him is Aria. But he never expected her to find out his true self behind his facade. What will happen when Aria learns about the secret of her boss? Will she keep it within herself or start exposing Zaiden's truth to everyone bit by bit?

The Vampire Potion,Tassel

The Vampire Potion



Becca Hertford recently shifted to a dorm and started her university, hoping it will help her stay away from her father, only to realize that something more complicated is awaiting her. Meeting the finest vampire Alexander Insworthe was the last thing she expected. Alexander Insworthe wants a potion that will make his brother the king of the vampires. He can do anything for his brother, even if it means sacrificing himself. But the problem is the potion is with Becca, and she is not an easy person. Can Alexander get the potion and make his brother the king before love changes the well-arranged plan?

Mafia's Contracted Love,Tassel

Mafia's Contracted Love



Autumn Emerson was the Queen of the Shadow Mafia, inherited from her father. She was twenty-five years old and ruling a gang was a huge achievement for Autumn. However, there were some haunted memories linking between her fingers and a trigger of a gun. Meanwhile, Ian Beckett was the King of the Silver Mafia, whose life went upside down when his parents arranged his contracted wedding with the woman he loved to annoy since their childhood: Autumn Emerson. In order to protect their honor in front of their respective gangs, they have to put on a facade of being in love. What would happen when the contracted love had started to turn real?

BLUE ROSE,Katarina




Hazel's life changed in a day, she got transferred to where she has never been before, what happens when she have to act like someone else, lot of mystery to reveal, would she find her way back home

Tattoo on her Face,T.C. WOLFE

Tattoo on her Face



Isla: A missing child who had been presumed dead for several years. Is she, however, truly dead? Tricia: An heiress and the daughter of a powerful Empire businessman. Was that life, however, truly meant for her? Violet: An Assassin’s Guild Founder and the reigning Queen of the Underground City. Is she, however, worthy of that title? All three distinct identities converge on a single fate. What if the enigmatic cold assassin and mafia heir named Seth happens to cross her path? Will Seth be able to figure out what she's trying to hide? Or will she reveal herself alongside him? Upon her sister’s death, she blamed herself for it. That she changed her identity in order to start a new life. She worked so hard to earn what she had right now. She became strong, powerful, feared, and respected. After many years have passed. What if a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her? What if the things she ought to believe isn't what they really are? Will she be able to deal with it? What if the people she's grown to love and care for have secrets of their own? Will she be able to accept it? Will it get easier for her in the long run? Or else fate will make things even more difficult for her. She had always wished to live a normal life, but that wish seemed to exist only in her imagination. For she is, after all, the girl with the TATTOO ON HER FACE.

Fame By Accident,Tassel

Fame By Accident



Danica Waylon returns to California after three years, hoping to fulfill her younger brother's birthday wish. When she meets up with her crush from middle school, Troy Kingston, who is now a famous WhyNTuber and a celebrity influencer, she decides it’s in her best interest to maintain her distance from him. But when fate decides to bring Danica into the same mansion as Troy along with other celebrities, a prank goes wrong, and before long their fans start shipping them. The ship name 'Tronica' started trending and they had to give the public what it craved, which was for them to be the definition of #CoupleGoals. What happens when the lines between their reel and real lives get blurred? What will happen when the fans find out that the couple they adored was nothing more than smoke and mirrors? Most importantly, how will Danica control her feelings for Troy now that she has gotten fame by accident?

What Took You So Long,Lian Naluz

What Took You So Long

Young Adult


Have you ever had a love that feels so right but somehow at the wrong time? Cassy and Dash have a picture-perfect relationship but he believes this can also hinder them from reaching their dreams. Can the mind rule over the heart?