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The Thing He Kills For

The Thing He Kills For



"You're my weakness" Jerald said, still aiming his gun at her, she yawned. "If all I am to you is a pawn that your enemies will use against you then, do as you wish" She said as she stepped towards him. He stepped back. “Don't come closer" he said, his hands jolting. “I'll shoot." “Jerald Carter! New York Cosa Nostra, can't even shoot me.” She mocked him, she knew he couldn't do it. She kept moving closer. “Jennifer!” He warned her. “You can't kill me Jerald.” She pressed her chest against the gun. “You and I both know I am The Thing You Kill For.” … Jennifer’s father promised that she would marry Jerald Carter. Jennifer's been dreading the arranged marriage because she has a boyfriend—but now that her family's lives depends on it, there’s no denying it anymore. There's something mystifying about Jerald Carter but nonetheless, Jennifer couldn’t help but fall for him. Everyone is not perfect of course, Jerald Carter got a big secret he’s keeping, of the dark and deadly variety. But what will happen when she finds out that she married a man who could just as easily kill her as a snap...?