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Love in a year (Contract Marriage)

Love in a year (Contract Marriage)

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Hazel is a young lady from a wealthy family who are under some financial crisis. When she is married contractually to Zack, the sole heir of the Dalton Empire, she has to stay a year without falling in love with the heartthrob. Will she succeed? Zack the playboy who gets any girl he wants cannot seem to understand why his parents got him married to a gold digger. But after a while he realizes his wife is not who he thinks she is. Why isn't she head over heels in love with him like all other girls. Will he succeed in breaking her wall? Find out in Love in a Year (Contract Marriage)

Capítulo 1 Chapter one : Discovery

"Dad, no this can't be happening to me. When on earth did you sign whatever contract you signed with the Daltons" Hazel asked her dad with tears in her eyes. She was married to a guy she knew nothing about and that too for a month now. All she thought about was what she was going to tell her boyfriend, Ace and how he was going to feel about this.

"Hazel, my dear you know very well how much I love you and how I am willing to do everything to make you happy. I did what was best for you. Trust me, you'll never regret this." Mr. Mendes said as he tapped his daughter's shoulder.

"No dad, it's just not fair. You should have informed me first before making that decision about my life and who I'm to spend it with. What at all was wrong for you to do that to me?" she inquired

" No my dear don't say that. And don't worry it's just for a year and then you guys can divorce. I had to do it. Our company was going bankrupt and I had to act fast. The only solution were the Daltons. They wanted a wife for their heir and they saw you to be a good one so I had to sign the contract before they could help me. I'm sorry my love."

"I understand you dad. But why didn't you let Kacey or Macey get married to the heir. Besides I'm sure they know him but as for me I don't even know a thing about him."

"No dear, they wanted you and nobody else. But don't worry everything will be fine."

"Okay dad. Now how am I supposed to tell Ace that I've been married to someone all this while without me knowing. He's not going to believe me and he's going to think I'm a cheating liar and all. Dad, he's going to hate me." Hazel broke down in tears once again.

"Don't worry dear. you'll have to find a way to tell him. I'm sure he'll understand if he loves you. Besides it will be a perfect way to check the sustainability of your relationship and know if he loves you or not. So just calm down, call him and tell him that you want to meet up with him"

"Okay dad. I'm doing this for you and our family. So when I'm I supposed to leave because I really have to rest and think about what I'm going to tell Ace."

" You'll be leaving tomorrow with a private jet. So I'm sorry baby girl for the short notice but you'll have to tell him today. The Daltons can't wait to meet their in law."

"What? Dad. Then I gotta go. I'll talk to you later. Bye" She said as she picked her car keys and stormed out of the house. She called Ace with her airpods in her ears and told him to meet her at Knives and Forks Restaurant. Within 30 minutes she was there. She inhaled and exhaled and got out of her car prepared for whatever might happen. She entered the restaurant and saw Ace waving at her. She walked to him, they said their his and gave each other a peck on the cheeks and they sat down. She decided to go straight to the point.

"Ace, I need to tell you something. Please don't get angry and please forgive me."

"What's wrong my love. I won't get angry I promise. Just go ahead. I'm here for you always." He said so calmly and with care.

This was one of the reasons why Hazel loved him. He was so patient and caring.

" Ace, I'm married to someone I don't know and I'm supposed to leave New York tomorrow and go to California to meet his parents and also the guy I'm married to. It was a contract marriage and I knew nothing about it. My dad told me about it just today. But don't worry, the marriage will be for just a year then we'll divorce and we can get married. Please forgive me. I'm sorry."

" Oh wow. I literally don't know what to say. I'm overwhelmed. Fine you can go. So I guess it's a bye. Congratulations. Have fun in your marriage. I love you bye." He said as he left the table and run out of the restaurant.

Hazel couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She rushed out of the restaurant and sat in her car. She then let out all the tears she had in her. This couldn't be happening to her. Just when they had started making plans to get married this happens. She hated her life for this but she decided to fight and go through the marriage for the year and come back for the love of her life. She wiped her tears and started the car. She drove the car with full speed but with care and reached her house after 20 minutes. Upon reaching she parked her car in the garage and headed straight to her room. She banged the door and threw herself on the bed. She didn't cry but rather think about all the events that were occurring. She didn't expect Ace to act cool with what she told him. She expected an outburst but he was okay with it as if he was not hurt or affected by it. She got off the bed and started packing her belongings into some of her suitcases. After she went downstairs to eat her dinner with her family. They chatted and acted as if nothing had happened. Hazel helped her mum was the dishes while her sisters tidied the kitchen and dining room. After that they all watched a movie together and had a lot of fun before retiring to bed.

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