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img img Romance img Fallen For The Tyrant King
Fallen For The Tyrant King

Fallen For The Tyrant King

img Romance
img 26 Chapters
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Author: Miz 03
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" Let me go " " Never " " I don't want any of this I have someone my heart beats for please let me go " She wept uncontrollably ,nonstop it felt as if her world was coming to an end ,how on earth was she suppose to leave with this monster ,how was she suppose to accept the fate that zeus( Father of all gods ) had placed on her No she's not going to accept this ,Infact she needs to escape from this hell hole . " I will never marry you , I refused to be subjected to a life of mockery , My sister loves you why don't you go for her instead " " I don't want anyone else it's you I want ,when a king makes a declaration he doesn't go back on his word ,so listen careful you will be my wife, the mother of my children ,And my queen " Valerie parker ,A twenty two years old girl living her life in a peaceful environment ,not minding what people think about her , Until king Edward theodore came into her life ,she tried all her best to resist the monster but it since the monster wouldn't want to.let her go for any reason ,she had no option but to accept how fate . find out what happened in this mind blowing Romance .

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