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Loving You.

Loving You.

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Emma is the Nurse of Don Agustin Rivera. He is the current CEO of the Rivera Group of Companies. The only thing that Don Agustin wants for his son Bram--is to get married and take over the company as CEO before he passed away. But Bram wants to be an F1 driver, it has been his dream ever since he was a little kid. Don Agustin ordered Bram to go back to the Philippines and marry Emma. The only problem is Bram has a girlfriend, Alicia. Emma only agreed to the marriage because she needs the money. Her brother used their house as collateral for two million pesos to a drug lord. For her brother to live and to pay off his debt, Emma needs to sacrifice her happiness and agree to the offer of Don Agustin Rivera. Will Bram and Emma fall in love? Or will they tear each other apart?

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